bigstock-group-of-young-business-people-24480212„Neodata” Ltd. offers wide range of low voltage network components, tools, accessories, facilities as well as measurement and testing hardware from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Our company provides wide range of products and services:

1) Manufacturing of Optical Components:

  • Optical patch cables and pigtails with following types of connectors: SC/PC SM; SC/PC MM; ST/PC SM; ST/PC MM; FC/PC SM; FC/PC MM; LC/PC SM; LC/PC MM;
  • Patch cables and pigtails from the world’s leading manufacturers with other type of connectors: SC/APC; FC/APC; MTRJ; SMA; MU; E2000;
  • Production of optical patch cord with special protective corrugated tube in a diameter of 7; 10; 12; 16; 20; 25; 32 mm;
  • Assembly of connectors to optical cables with 2-24 fibres;
  • Repair and diagnostics services for optical patch cords/cables;
  • Standard types of patch cables and pigtails are available at out warehouse located in Riga.

2) Optical Cables SM 9.0 /125; MM 50.0 /125; MM 62.5 /125:

  • For indoor installations (Indoor LSZH Uni Tube Fibre Optic Cable; Indoor LSZH Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable);
  • Combined cables (Indoor/Outdoor Uni Tube Fibre Optic Cable; Indoor/Outdoor Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable);
  • For outdoor installations (Outdoor Uni Tube Fibre Optic Cable; Outdoor Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable);
  • Cables for blowing in tube (Outdoor Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable for ducts with PE, PE/PA, MDPE jacket);
  • Armed cables for ground installation (Uni Tube and Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cables with armouring for direct burial);
  • Cables for aerial installation and self-supporting cables (Self supporting, figure 8 and ADSS cables);
  • Patch cord cables (patch cord, point-to-point cable), micro cables.

3) 19 " wall cabinets, LAN cables and hardware, optical adapters, tools, cleaning components and accessories:

  • 19 "wall, floor cabinets and accessories;
  • 19" optical panels and accessories;
  • 19" switching panels Cat3; Cat5e UTP; Cat5e FTP; Cat6 UTP; Cat 6 FTP and accessories;
  • Cables Cat5e UTP; Cat5e FTP; Cat6 UTP; Cat 6 FTP;
  • Optical adapters: SC/PC SM simplex; SC/PC SM duplex; SC/PC MM simplex; SC/PC MM duplex; ST/PC SM; ST/PC MM; FC/PC SM; FC/PC MM; LC/PC SM simplex; LC/PC SM duplex; LC/PC MM simplex; LC/PC MM duplex;
  • Optical attenuator: SC/PC; FC/PC; ST/PC; LC/PC; SC/APC; FC/APC;
  • Optical connectors: SC/PC; SC/APC; FC/PC; SC/APC; LC/PC; ST/PC, SMA;
  • Testing hardware for optical networks OTDR, Mini-OTDR;
  • Power meters and Optical Trace Analysers;
  • SM, MM media converters;
  • GBIC modules, mini SFP modules, routers, switches;
  • Tools for cable installation;
  • Cleaning supplies for optic cables, adapters, connectors;
  • Thermo tubes for protection of fibre optic welds;
  • Optical splitters and multiplexers;
  • WDM, CWDCM, MTP, MPO solutions.

4) HDPE tubes and accessories for blowing:

  • HDPE pipes with inner coating;
  • HDPE micro pipes with inner coating;
  • Connectors for tubes and micro tubes;
  • Caps for tubes and micro tubes;
  • Cable glands for pipes and micro tubes.

5) Cable wells and accessories:

  • PE cable cameras/wells;
  • Reinforced concrete wells and hatches;
  • Hermetic optical sleeves;
  • Markers for site selection beneath the ground;
  • Warning tape for underground installation.

6) Technological equipment, tools:

  • Optical cable blowing hardware;
  • Hardware and accessories for laying cables;
  • Trailers for carrying cable coils;
  • Optical cable welding equipment and accessories;
  • Polishing equipment, polishing paper and accessories .
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